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historyEarly hist. of Jefferson Twp., 1878April198515
historyKaw Twp. early history, 1878Oct198439
historyKentucky Twp. description, 1858Oct199936
historyOskaloosa twp. statistics in 1875Apr.201010
historyTax list of Rural Twp., 1878April19897
historyBlue Mound name origin, 1878Oct198450
historyBoyle town historyOct.20016
historyDunavant history, 1889Apr.200814
historyGrantville founder diesApril200327
historyHull's Grove, 1916April19955
historyKilgour Area personnel, 1934Oct.198541
historyKansas river ferry at Lecompton, agreementApril198913
historyKansas river ferry transit noteApril198913
historyElect. lights for McLouth, 1911April198314
historyMcLouth "firsts", by 1900April19895
historyMcLouth 4th of July celebration, 1888April19834
historyMcLouth 5th picnic, 1897Oct198451
historyMcLouth Eastern Star officers, 1905Oct198774
historyMcLouth founder, Amos McLouth diesOct.200833
historyMcLouth has elect. lights, 1911April198331
historyMcLouth history, 1884Oct.200723
historyMcLouth Knights of Pythias Lodge disband, 1897Oct198656
historyMcLouth lodge officers, 1895April19815
historyMcLouth oldtimers, 1941April19982
historyMcLouth town historyOct.200129
historyMcLouth's 17th annual Picnic, 1909April198831
historyMcLouth's annual picnic, 1892-1928Oct.199622
historyMedina & Newman hist,, year?Oct199031
historyMedina city, prospects as of 1867Oct198012
historyMedina history, 1867 & 1870Oct.20084
historyMedina Post OfficeOct.20053
historyMedina Post Office closesApril200319
historyMeriden & its city hall, 1915April199637
historyMeriden businesses, 1894Oct199440
historyMeriden founder is Albert OwenApr.201014
historyMeriden history reference to 1895 LEDGEROct198026
historyMeriden Southwestern RR station closedApr.201030
historyMeriden street lighting, 1899Oct.201033
historyMeriden telephone competition, 1904April199638
historyMeriden to start rural mailApril200214
historyMooney Creek, settlement history, 1909Apr.200835
historyTown of Mount Florence, Jeff. Co., year?April19917
historyNewman village historyOct.200317
historyNortonville , 1888April199636
historyNortonville A.O.U.W organized 1893Oct.200434
historyNortonville early settlers reunion, 1895April19904
historyNortonville history, 1882April199234
historyNortonville history, 1889April198315
historyNortonville NEWS subscribers, 1896April198115
historyNortonville telephone directory, 1902Oct.200124
historyNortonville, 1895Oct.19985
historyNortonville's first settler diesOct.200113
historyColonial Club of Oskaloosa members, 1903April198816
historyEarly Oskaloosans, 1945Oct.19982
historyElectric lights arrive in Oskaloosa, 1902April19884
historyNaming of OskaloosaApril199126
historyNincehelser family & home restorationOct198025
historyOskaloosa "Old Settlers" reunion listApril20024
historyOskaloosa "Old Settlers" reunion speech, 1904April198939
historyOskaloosa & Winchester Post OfficesOct.200432
historyOskaloosa all woman city Govt.Oct.19957
historyOskaloosa barber shop adds bathroom, 1894Oct.198546
historyOskaloosa business history, 1897Oct.20057
historyOskaloosa early days, 1911April198323
historyOskaloosa early days, script money,1933Apr.20109
historyOskaloosa early hist., 1934Oct199223
historyOskaloosa early historyOct.20075
historyOskaloosa elects all women council, 1889April198938
historyOskaloosa fire dept. roster, 1896 & 1898Oct198927
historyOskaloosa founding 75th anniv., 1931Oct.20074
historyOskaloosa happenings, , 1885Oct199036
historyOskaloosa in 1858Apr.200911
historyOskaloosa Incorporation, 1859Apr.20104
historyOskaloosa mail routes start, 1900April199417
historyOskaloosa Old Settlers list of registrants, 1904Oct198016
historyOskaloosa Old Settlers prizes, 1907April198611
historyOskaloosa Old Settlers record bookOct198927
historyOskaloosa Old Settlers registrants, 1913Oct198660
historyOskaloosa Old Settlers reunion registrants, 1909April198518
historyOskaloosa Old Settlers, awards, 1908Apr.201027
historyOskaloosa recollections of 1909April19933
historyOskaloosa recollections, Elizabeth Slade, 1960Oct198653
historyOskaloosa Sanborn map, 1900Oct.200535
historyOskaloosa settlers of 1854April19907
historyOskaloosa telephone directory, 1899Oct.200123
historySequential listing of farms from Oskaloosa, 1950Oct19993
historyNaming of OzawkieApril199127
historyOsawkie hist., 1884Oct199140
historyOzawkie Bugle article, 1887April199913
historyOzawkie millsOct.200136
historyOzawkie name change proposalApril20048
historyOzawkie oldtimers of 1930Apr.201017
historyOzawkie Post Office business, 1902Oct.200434
historyOzawkie Post Office robbedApril200327
historyOzawkie town history, 1930 (incl. residents)Oct.200623
historyOzawkie town history, as of 1931April20048
historyOzawkie, travel to, in 1855Apr.20089
historyOzawkie's big fire, 1891April198419
historyGilbert Stark letter 1856 to relatives at PerryOct199035
historyNaming of PerryApril199126
historyPerry & KY. Twp. history, 1940Apr.200917
historyPerry area land title conflictsApril20028
historyPerry fire threatens entire town, 1903Oct198655
historyPerry history, 1897Apr.200712
historyPerry Mirror, 1937April199917
historyPerry Rebekah Lodge organized, 1908Oct.198569
historyPerry Rural Route patrons, 1901April198735
historyPerry Story, 100 yrs., indexOct.199526
historyPerry town history, 1923Oct.200328
historyPerry's improvements, 1900April199736
historyPleasant Valley area activityApril198923
historyPleasant Point area residents, 1934Oct198453
historyPleasant Valley, near Ozawkie, recollections, yr?April199345
historyPlum Grove community history, 1938April198020
historyQuantrill's raid creates need for relief, 1863April198210
historyTornado at Plum Grove, about 1918April198226
historyRising Sun town, early documents, 1857April198912
historyRising Sun's demise (near Perry), 1876Oct199220
historyRock Creek, 1901April199924
historyRock Creek, a stop for Pres. Taft, 1911April19896
historyRound Grove location correctionOct198149
historyRound Grove neighborhood history, 1936April19813
historySpring Valley villageApr.201030
historyThompsonville history, 1966Oct19943
historyThompsonville lacks hitching posts, 1883April198812
historyThompsonville MillOct.20053
historyThompsonville, 4th of July , 1889Oct198471
historyGrasshopper Falls town history, 1858Oct.20015
historyList of letters for pick-up at Grasshopper F., 1859April198115
historyNaming of Grasshopper FallsOct199016
historyNaming of Grasshopper/Sautrelle FallsApril199127
historyTrip from Topeka to Grasshopper Falls, 1863Oct198873
historyValley Falls Arbor Day plantings, 1875April198737
historyValley Falls businesses, 1882Oct.198556
historyValley Falls flood of 1914April200229
historyValley Falls hist. & business directory, 1889Apr.20096
historyValley Falls history, 1882Oct198844
historyValley Falls history, 1883Oct198341
historyValley Falls mill & electricityOct.200720
historyValley Falls recollections, 1914Oct198342
historyValley Falls Royal Neighbors officers, 1899Oct199222
historyValley Falls town nameApril200322
historyWild Horse Society officers, 1905Oct198876
historyWilliamstown fire, 1909Oct200222
historyWilliamstown history, 1893Oct.199615
historyWilliamstown naming info.Oct.201025
historyWilliamstown tornado, of 1893Oct198371
historyWilliamstown village historyOct.200317
historyWilliamstown, name historyOct.200019
historyWilliamstown, residents move, 1901Oct199438
historyWinchester & Oskaloosa Post OfficesOct.200432
historyWinchester businesses, 1894Oct.198548
historyWinchester history, 1887Oct198870
historyWinchester history, 1950Oct.200719
historyWinchester Post Office history, 1937Oct.198565
historyWinchester settlers, 1865-1870Oct198746
historyWinchester town site selected, 1857April198124
historyWoodstock P.O. replaced by Oak, 1891Oct198253
historyAppeal bond, Skaggs vs. BaileyApril198912
historyAssessment of personal prop. value basis, 1891Oct198252
historyAssessment of personal prop. value basis, 1899April199718
historyAssessment valuations for pers. prop. 1901Oct198354
historyAutomobile speed regulations, 1910April19833
historyAviator, Royal V. Thomas, 1928April200120
historyBow String bridge history, Old Jeff. TownApril198123
historyCalhoun, a town near Jeff. Co.April20046
historyChanges in Kansas statistics, 1860-1888Apr.200926
historyCo. Commissioners of early daysOct.199530
historyCo. Official directory, 1900April199734
historyCounty Seat elections to Oskaloosa, 1858-1864April19883
historyCourt House annex, historyOct.200619
historyCourt House squareApril199125
historyCourt House square, 1931Oct198862
historyDaniel Boone in KSApr.200927
historyDelaware Grange officers for 1887Oct198875
historyDelaware Indian land sales, 1856Oct198869
historyDelaware Indian treaty, 1860Oct200229
historyDelaware Reserve land settlers, 1861April200224
historyDelaware River valley before Perry damOct198921
historyDelaware Trust Lands, sale, 1857Oct198859
historyDouglas Co. Old Settlers reunion, 1879Oct.20065
historyEarly Jefferson Co. hist., 1859April198114
historyEarly Kansas historyOct.20094
historyFerries across the Delaware RiverApril200225
historyFootball rules and scoring over the yearsApr.20095
historyFree-Staters meet, 1861April200222
historyHist. of Jeff. Co. newspapersOct199228
historyIndian land allocation paperOct199033
historyJeff. Co. "firsts" as of 1879April19941
historyJeff. Co. 1916 Atlas, residence listingOct19903
historyJeff. Co. 4-H club history, 1924-1955Oct199117
historyJeff. Co. community fairs, 1925April199119
historyJeff. Co. early facts, 1856-1875Oct199123
historyJeff. Co. early history by A. G. Patrick, 1891April198429
historyJeff. Co. early Post OfficesApril199644
historyJeff. Co. early settlementApril199142
historyJeff. Co. Fair awards, 1886Oct199932
historyJeff. Co. in 3 townships in 1856April20066
historyJeff. Co. jailsApril199131
historyJeff. Co. lesser known & extinct townsOct19801
historyJeff. Co. origin & land deedsOct199218
historyJeff. Co. population, 1859Oct.200123
historyJeff. Co. statistics, 1870April19957
historyJeff. Co. storms of 1886Oct199426
historyJeff. Co. storms of 1905Oct199429
historyJeff. Co., lay-out of town streetsOct198926
historyJeff. Countian first to fly into Grand Canyon, 1922Oct198238
historyJefferson Co. & its towns, 1890Oct.201020
historyJefferson Co. in U.S.A.Oct.20089
historyJefferson Twp. history, 1916Oct.20034
historyJohn Brown remembered, 1889Oct198345
historyJohn Brown's visit to Jeff. Co., 1857Oct199017
historyJohn Steuart Curry biographicalApril19971
historyKansas population grows, 1855-1885April200319
historyKaw half-breed land disputes, 1862April199042
historyKaw half-breed land histApril198939
historyKaw half-breed land settlement problemsApril198937
historyKaw half-breed land, settlement 1854Oct19929
historyKaw Indians in Jeff. Co.April20018
historyLand patent of 1860, example documentOct199034
historyLand sales at OzawkieOct200213
historyLand sought in OklahomaApril200221
historyLane freight & military roadApril199125
historyList of sale items & value, 1895Oct198149
historyLocal happenings, 1936Oct200218
historyLodges of Jefferson Co. (secret societies)Oct.200835
historyNorth Cedar village historyOct.200317
historyNortheastern Kansas reminiscences of 1857Oct198877
historyOklahoma land openingOct199042
historyOklahoma strip report, 1893Oct.198574
historyOld Settler prizes, 1946Oct.20099
historyOrphan train of 1910, adoptionsOct199722
historyPaloma Rebekah Lodge Officers installed, 1909April198818
historyPersonal prop. bill of sale, 1858April199015
historyPoor Farm visit, 1909April200627
historyPost Offices of Jefferson Co.,with datesOct.200628
historyPost Offices of Leavenworth Co.,with datesOct.200721
historyPostal rate changes of 1933Oct.200830
historyPostal rural mail deliveryApr.200932
historyReasons for westward movement during 1800'sOct198150
historyRecollections of early days, 1909April198820
historyRecollections of early Kansas historyOct.200910
historySettlement & land speculation, 1891Oct199218
historySlaves in Jeff. Co., in 1856 equal 69April198811
historySons of Temperance, officers for 1878Oct198875
historySteamboat up the Delaware river, 1896April198812
historySteamboats on the Kansas RiverApril200138
historySteamer on the Del. at V.F., 1896April198232
historyTax assessment list, 1867April198723
historyTax assessment list, 1868Oct198762
historyTax assessment list, 1869April198821
historyThreshing crew of 1881Oct.198545
historyTornados that have hit Jefferson Co., 1880-1999Oct19999
historyValley Falls effort to secure county seatOct.200914
historyW.T.C.U. history in Jeff. Co.Oct.20097
historyWalnut log from KS to World's Fair, 1893Apr.200822
historyWomens suffrage historyOct.19953
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